Why did TREASURE Mashiho and Yedam leave the group?


TREASURE belonging to YG Entertainment.

TREASURE finished their comeback with their new song ‘HELLO’ and are preparing for their Japan tour.

Today, November 8th, it was announced that Mashiho and Yedam would leave from TREASURE!

TREASURE MAKER around the world is surprised by the sudden announcement.

MASHIHO and YEDAM went on hiatus in May 2022 after their last activities with “JIKJIN”.

Mashiho returned to Japan for health reasons, and Yedam concentrated on his music studies and developed his producing skills.

It was reported that neither Mashiho nor Yedam would be participating in the Japan tour, but it would be so sad that they would leave TREASURE.

It seems that the reason for Mashiho’s leaving TREASURE is that it will take time for his health to recover.

It was more shocking because Mashiho always showed happy ahavior in front of the fans.

Yedam has a strong desire to grow as a producer, so he seems to have decided to leave TREASURE.

Yedam has been a YG trainee for a long time, and his singing was outstanding.

All members of TREASURE are good friends, and many fans hoped for a full revival of the 12 members.

It is so sad that Mashiho and Yedam leave TREASURE, but I hope that they will shine in their own ways.

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