Asahi’s Jack Sparrow looks too good! The Halloween version of TREASURE “MMM” has been released !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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TREASURE made a comeback with the new song “MMM”.

With a dark concept, the MV at YG’s new office building has also become a hot topic.

TREASURE has released the Halloween version of “MMM”!

This is the Halloween version of TREASURE “MMM” released on YouTube.

In “3 minutes TREASURE” released the other day, the scene of costume decision was recorded.

It was sexy from the appearance of Jihoon who became Elsa .

Haruto was wearing a ladybug costume and was very cute!

Doyoung’s apple performance, who became Snow White, was also an interesting performance.

At the “3 minutes TREASURE”, Junkyu was Jack Sparrow and Asahi was in Alibaba’s disguise, but in the video released this time, their costumes were reversed !

Both of them looked good and were in cool disguise.

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Personally, it was interesting that Junghwan, who disguised as a minion at the climax, was performing with glasses .

Mashiho, who became SpongeBob, was laughing and looked happy!

Please check the performance of the original “MMM” too♪