August 20th is TREASURE Asahi’s birthday! Introducing handsome Asahi !!

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TREASURE debuted from YG Entertainment where BIGBANG and BLACKPINK belong.

TREASURE is working on their debut song “BOY”.

August 20th is the birthday of Asahi, a Japanese member of TREASURE!

Asahi, who was born on August 20, 2001, became 19 years old.

Asahi is attracting attention as a particularly cool visual in TREASURE.

He’s so handsome that all the members admit his looks!

The nickname of Asahi, who has few reactions, is the robot.

Robot-like dance is also popular!

Asahi has a good sense of humor and makes the members laugh.

Asahi’s special ability is to write lyrics, compose and draw pictures.

It’s an artistic skill.

TREASURE members were celebrating Asahi’s birthday!

All TREASURE members posted various Asahi’s pictures.

The two shots by Haruto and Asahi were too good-looking!

Doyoung posted a video of Asahi’s interesting dance .

Jihoon also wrote a message in Japanese.

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Asahi is playing an active part as a member of TREASURE.

Asahi’s cool visuals are attracting attention.

We will continue to support the success of TREASURE and Asahi♪

Happy Birthday Asahi !!