Did TREASURE often see ghosts? The ghost episodes that the members talk about are a hot topic !


TREASURE debuted in 2020 from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE interacts with fans using various SNS such as Twitter, Weverse, and V Live.

Recently, the relationship between TREASURE and ghosts has become a hot topic among fans!

This is V Live broadcasted by TREASURE Yoshi on June 3rd.

Doyoung also participated on the V live.

In this V Live, Yoshi talked about ghosts he saw before.

It seemed that Yoshi saw a lot of ghosts when he was at the training center where TREASURE practiced before!

Yoshi said that Jihoon and Yedam also saw ghosts there.

Recently, it has been talked about that there was a ghost in the selfie posted on Weverse by Jaehyuk, but I don’t know if it’s real.

Speaking of TREASURE, the test of courage on TREASURE MAP is also a popular video.

Haruto cried and Hyunsuk, who is not good at ghosts, was also cute 😆

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