Jaesahi’s cute scene is a hot topic! The MV of 「MY TREASURE」 is full of highlights !!

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TREASURE’s 1st album “THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT” was released on January 11th.

The music video for the title song “MY TREASURE” has been released, and the happy concept is drawing attention.

In the MV of “MY TREASURE”, the scene of Jaehyuk and Asahi (Jaesahi) are talked about!


Born in the same year in 2001, Jaehyuk and Asahi (Jaesahi) have been close friends since YG TREASURE BOX.

Even if Jaesahi become TREASURE, they still have a good relationship.

In the MV of “My TREASURE”, there was a scene where Jaesahi crossed their shoulders together! (Around 2 minutes and 7 seconds)

It was cool scene to look back and dance together in a classroom-like set.

Not only Jaesahi, but Yedam & Mashiho & Jeongwoo’s dance was also cute.

At the last scene , TREASURE members were lying down on a big cake and it was also very cute !

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TREASURE’s new song “MY TREASURE” has a happy concept.

Also pay attention to the healing lyrics and the story of the MV!

Please check the stage performance of “MY TREASURE” ♪