Jihoon’s Elsa and Doyoung’s Snow White are very beautiful! Introducing TREASURE’s Halloween costumes !!

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TREASURE is preparing for the comeback of the new album.

TREASURE has been on a busy schedule since their debut.

TREASURE challenged Halloween costumes!

This is the 3 minute TREASURE Halloween special posted on YouTube.

Junghwan: Minions

Jaehyuk: Popeye

Yoshi: Little Prince

Mashiho: SpongeBob

Asahi: Alibaba

Hyunsuk: Super Mario

Jeongwoo: Cyber Warrior

Yedam: Pinocchio

Junkyu: Jack Sparrow

Ji Hoon: Elsa

Doyoung: Snow White

Haruto: Ladybird

TREASURE members showed off their unique costumes!

Junghwan’s Minion, Mashiho’s SpongeBob , and Haruto’s ladybird were cute .

Alibaba of Asahi, Little Prince of Yoshi, and Jack Sparrow of Junkyu also matched the characters, and they were cool costumes.

Everyone was of high quality Halloween costume, but Elsa of Ji Hoon and Snow White of Doyoung were very beautiful!

Their makeup was perfect, and other members were surprised.

Doyoung was perfect until he ate an apple and collapsed .


TREASURE will release a Halloween version of the new song “MMM” at a later date.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance it is!

Please check it out ♪