TREASURE “TEU-DAY” will be held! Also held offline! ? Where is the venue?


TREASURE debuted in 2020 from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE is celebrating their 1st anniversary since their debut the other day, and it is expected that they will play an active role in the future.

TREASURE has announced that they will hold the 1st Private Stage “TEU-DAY”!

This is the announcement posted on TREASURE’s official Facebook page.

It’s the first solo concert since TREASURE debuted, and I’m really looking forward to it!

The poster for “TEU-DAY” has also been released, and TREASURE MAKER’s expectations are already rising.

Moreover, this “TEU-DAY” will be held at the Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park, and tickets will be sold not only for online but also for offline!

It’s a pity that I can’t go to Korea because of the coronavirus.

“TEU-DAY” is scheduled to be held on October 2, and I’m wondering if there will be TREASURE’s new song released by then.

Please check the information of TREASURE in the future ♪