ENHYPEN Heeseung and TREASURE Jaehyuk are friends! ? The friendship between popular idols has become a hot topic!


ENHYPEN debuted from the audition program I-LAND.

ENHYPEN has been attracting attention even before their debut, and their debut album has recorded tremendous sales.

It’s been talked about that ENHYPEN Heeseung and TREASURE Jaehyuk are friends!

Heeseung was talking about his friendship with Jaehyuk in an online fan sign.

Heeseung also said, “I’m going to take a picture with Jaehyuk next time”, so I’m looking forward to the next posts!

Heeseung and Jaehyuk are born in 2001, and they have the same age.

Both ENHYPEN and TREASURE debuted in 2020 and won Rookie Artist at various awards ceremonies.

Since the two groups are expected to play an active role in 2021, it feels fateful that Heeseung and Jaehyuk are friends.

The members are close in age, so I hope other ENHYPEN and TREASURE members will get along well!

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ENHYPEN and TREASURE both won the Rookie Artist at GDA2021 held on January 10th.

Their performance has also become a hot topic!

I’m looking forward to the two-shot photos of Heeseung and Jaehyuk that may be released in the future ♪