TREASURE Haruto and BLACKPINK Lisa danced “HELLO” challenge! YG idols collaboration is wonderful ♪


TREASURE has made a comeback with the new song “HELLO”.

“HELLO” is a song filled with TREASURE’s unique positive energy.

Today, October 12th, Haruto danced “HELLO” with BLACKPINK Lisa!

This is Haruto and Lisa’s “HELLO” dance challenge posted on TREASURE MAKER’s official Twitter.

So far, TREASURE members have posted various dance challenge videos of “HELLO”, and I was surprised to see a collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Not only Haruto, but also Lisa’s “HELLO” dance was so great.

Until now, TREASURE and BLACKPINK have rarely performed together, so it was a rare dance challenge!

You can feel the bond of the YG family, and fans of YG is happy.

I want to see other idols and TREASURE danced “HELLO” challenges together too♪