Also presents from CHANEL! Fans celebrated BLACKPINK Jennie’s birthday! The bouquet of blue roses from her mother is beautiful ♪

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BLACKPINK is very popular all over the world.

Sales of BLACKPINK’s first full album “THE ALBUM” released in 2020 have achieved a million seller.

January 16th is BLACKPINK Jennie’s birthday!

This is the photos posted on BLACKPINK Jennie’s official Instagram.

Jennie posted pictures of bouquets that she got from various people.

The first bouquet of blue roses is a flower sent by Jennie’s mother !

The second photo showed a gift from CHANEL.

I’m wondering what the contents of the gift from CHANEL are!

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A video of congratulations from BLACKPINK members to Jennie was also posted on the Instagram story.

Fans all over the world are celebrating Jennie’s birthday and it looks like it will be a happy day for Jennie!

Happy Birthday Jennie 🎉