Sexy Moonbin costumes are the hot topic! ASTRO Moonbin and Sanha make their unit debut with “IN-OUT” !!

Quote from:ASTRO twitter

A popular Korean boy group ASTRO.

All the members are handsome, and they are active in various fields such as acting, variety, MC of music program.

Moonbin and Sanha will make their unit debut for the first time from ASTRO!

This is a visual image of ASTRO Moonbin and Sanha’s 1st mini album “IN-OUT” which will be released on September 14th.

“IN-OUT” has two versions, FADE IN and FADE OUT.

Their costumes were contrasting black and white.

Both of them had cool photos, and Moonbin’s costume was especially sexy!

Moonbin was wearing a costume with a lot of exposed upper body, showing off his physical beauty.

Sanha was also grown up like a man.

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Moonbin and Sanha also do MC for the music show SHOW CHAMPION.

It was a unit song that seems to have a charm different from the usual cuty two!

Please check it out♪

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