EXO Chanyeol pranks on Suho! ?


EXO is one of the top-level popular in Korea.

If you’re a KPOP fan, you don’t know.

Not only excellent performance, but also good relations between the members are popular.

This time, I will introduce the prank that EXO Chanyeol set up in Suho.

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Exo leader Suho, who recently made his solo debut.

It has swept the charts and proved popular.

On April 5, When Suho appeared in SBS Inkigayo, Chanyeol came to cheer.

In the chat, Chanyeol said he would not go to cheer for him, so it was a surprise for Suho.

Even so, Suho was really surprised that Chanyeol came out of the locker.

I was able to see the prank lover Chanyeol after a long time.

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The video, posted to Instagram by Chanyeol, has been viewed more than three million times in a flash and has become a hot topic around the world.

Because of the coronavirus, there is a lot of dark news, but it heals when you watch the video that EXO is good friends.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of post Chanyeol will do next♪