Happy Baekhyun Day! SuperM Taemin and Kai prank on Baekhyun’s birthday ad!?

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EXO Baekhyun celebrated his birthday on May 6.

Fans from all over the world were celebrating Baekhyun’s birthday.

Baekhyun also broadcast V Live to celebrate his birthday.

Baekhyun’s birthday ads were also available in many places in Korea.

SuperM Taemin and KAI pranked on Baekhyun’s birthday ad.

Here is a photo posted to KAI’s official Instagram.

KAI and TAEMIN are always together and we are good friends.

Two people were playing Baekhyun’s birthday ad on the road .

As SuperM, we saw the bonds of three people working in the same group.

Baekhyun is loved by everyone.

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EXO Baekhyun is loved from all over the world.

Baekhyun has a lot of charm, and everyone is captivated.

We will continue to support Baekhyun’s success♪