SuperM dances in school uniforms! ? SuperM appears in “Knowing brother” !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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SM Entertainment’s Avengers Group SuperM.

SuperM will release new album “Super One” on September 25th.

The cool performance of the new song “100” was also attracting attention.

Such SuperM has appeared in the popular Korean program “Knowing brother”!

아는 형님(Knowing bros) 245회 예고편

This is a preview video of “Knowing brother” in which SuperM appeared.

“Knowing brother” is a popular program where many popular idols have appeared.

It was the first time to appear as SuperM!

SuperM members in uniform were cool.

The highlight is the dance battle with the “Knowing brother” regular member!

Super Junior “SORRY, SORRY”, Taemin’s “MOVE”, SuperM “100” and so on, it was valuable to see various dance covers.

Taemin was also dancing a sexy funny dance.

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SuperM who appeared in “Knowing brother”.

You can see the fun even with the preview video alone.

Dancing battles and talk battles are full of content, so please check it out♪