SHINee is comeback in 2021! ? The video at SMTOWN LIVE has become a hot topic !!

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SMTOWN LIVE held on January 1st.

From TVXQ to aespa, which debuted in 2020, many SM idols have appeared.

SHINee’s comeback was announced at SMTOWN LIVE!

Only Taemin from SHINee appeared in this SMTOWN LIVE.

Taemin had a stage as SuperM as well as a solo stage.

The video of SHINee that was played on the way recorded the activity record from the debut until now.

Finally, it was announced that SHINee would make a comeback in 2021, which pleased fans all over the world!

Taemin was active solo for a while while the members were enlisted, and it’s great to see SHINee’s activity at last.

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It was a moving scene when Minho was discharged from army following Onew and Key, and SHINee members gathered for the first time in a long time.

I’m really looking forward to what kind of song SHINee will make a comeback!

Please check the future information ♪