SHINee Key has finally been discharged from military! Posted a photo of playing with his dogs Commede&Garçon !!

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Shining 5-member idol SHINee.

There are many KPOP idols who say SHINee as a role model.

SHINee has not no comeback for a while as SHINee has members in the military.

Following the recent discharge of Onew, Key has finally been discharged from army!

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kids kids ! 통닭과 오골계

A post shared by SHINee KEY (@bumkeyk) on

After leaving the army, Key posted various photos on Instagram.

This is a picture of Key playing with his dogs Commede&Garçon.

I think Commede&Garçon couldn’t meet Key while he was in the army, so I’m sure Commede&Garçon are happy now !

Both Commede&Garçon were very cute .

The photos posted by Key are always fashionable and nice.

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Onew, Key were discharged, and Minho is still in army.

I want to see SHINee’s activities in full after Minho’s discharge and before Taemin’s enlistment!

I’m looking forward to SHINee’s future activities ♪