Is BTS V a bear or a tiger? It has become a hot topic among ARMY!

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V who is active in BTS.

On V’s birthday on December 30th, fans all over the world posted congratulations.

Recently, the issue between V and ARMY is “Is V a bear or a tiger?”.

There was a question “Bear VS Tiger” even on V Live that V broadcasted on his birthday.

At that time, V answered the bear, “because I was often called a bear these days”.

Until now, V’s emoji have been used as tigers 🐯, but recently there are many ARMYs that use bears 🐻!

Actually, V seems to be still lost, and he said “If you tell me the charm of tigers and bears, I will think again” .

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BTS V always entertains ARMY.

On December 25th, “Snow Flower” was released as a surprise, and it became a wonderful Christmas gift for ARMY!

We support the success of BTS and V in 2021 ♪