JungKook’s dream come true! BTS “Dynamite” Wins 1st Place on Billboard Hot 100 !!

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Quote from:BTS instagram
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BTS made a comeback with the new song “Dynamite”.

BTS did their first performance of “Dynamite” at the “2020 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)” held on August 31st.

Such BTS new song “Dynamite” won the 1st place in “Billboard Hot 100”!

Here is the chart of “Billboard Hot 100” announced on September 1.

BTS was the first Korean singer to win first place in “Billboard Hot 100”.

Getting 1st place not only on the “Billboard 200” but also on the “Billboard Hot 100” is just amazing!

BTS has made another record.

BTS members also posted a thank-you message to ARMY.

Jimin and SUGA don’t seem to stop crying .

Moreover, September 1st is BTS Jung Kook’s birthday, so I’m more happy!

In an interview, Jung Kook and SUGA said their dream was to take first place on the “Billboard Hot 100”.

It seems like a miracle that their dream will come true on Jung Kook’s birthday!

It’s a memorable episode.

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BTS that fulfilled all dreams, winning the 1st place in “Billboard 200” and “Billboard Hot 100” and performed at the Grammy.

BTS keeps incredible records!

I am looking forward to the success of BTS in the future♪