BTS Jin’s friendship tattoo on his back is a hot topic! Shirtless photos are sexy!

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BTS Jin is very popular all over the world.

Recently, BTS members released their new album “Proof” , and their comeback activity is attracted attention.

And today, June 26th, Jin posted photos of a friendship tattoo!

Jin of BTS on Instagram: "나도 우정타투 올림"
Jin of BTS shared a post on Instagram: "나도 우정타투 올림". Follow their account to see 64 posts.

These are photos posted on BTS Jin’s Instagram.

I was surprised at the photos of Jin’s shirtless back.

Jin’s friendship tattoo “7” was on his back and it’s sexy photos 😆

It’s going to be a legendary photo that could see Jin’s friendship tattoo!

Let’s check out the friendship tattoos of other BTS members ♪