BTS RM’s room was released ! Cute bears, bonsai, warm design are wonderful !!

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Quote from:BigHit Entertainment twitter
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BTS is preparing for the release of their new album “BE”.

Following the group version of the concept photo, the individual BTS member concept photos are released in order.

BTS RM concept photo was released on November 4th!

This is RM’s concept photo posted on the official Twitter account of Big Hit Entertainment.

V’s room was decorated with violin, and Jimin’s room was decorated with many flowers.

RM’s room released this time was simple, with bear figures and bonsai.

RM usually displayed bear figures in the room, so it was a room that suits the actual taste of RM!

“Welcome to RM’s room. This room is designed in white and wood colors. The charm of this room is that it is filled with warmth. “

The design like RM who is always kind to ARMY was wonderful!

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BTS member’s concept photos have released every day.

V, Jimin, RM, 3 people’s rooms have been released.

The concept of the room was different for all three people, and the design was full of individuality!

Please check out the concept photos of BTS members that will be released in the future ♪