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SHINee Taemin and NCT Jungwoo are similar! ? They are cute and handsome.

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SHINee and NCT who belong to SM Entertainment.

Both groups are handsome and are popular for their performance.

It’s been talked about that SHINee Taemin and NCT Jungwoo are similar!

This is V Live broadcast by SHINee Taemin on January 21st.

In the broadcast from inside the car, not only Taemin but also Minho and Onew talked a little together.

He spoke not only Korean but also English and Japanese, so overseas fans enjoyed it too.

During V Live, there was a scene where Taemin said, “Sometimes it’s said to be similar to NCT Jungwoo!” (Around 53 minutes and 30 seconds)

Taemin also said, “There are moments that I’m similar to Jungwoo when compared in the photos,” , “But he (Jungwoo) is more handsome than me, and I also have my own charm. “.

He spoke in good Japanese and it was a friendly talk for Japanese fans.

Jungwoo and Taemin both have cute looks and are cute like puppies.

Their face when laughing is particularly similar, and there is a gentle atmosphere.

When they have long hair, both of them are very beautiful.

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SHINee’s Onew , Key and Minho have been discharged from the army and a comeback in 2021 is announced.

Fans all over the world are expecting SHINee’s comeback after a long absence.

Please check the future information ♪