NCT127 Taeyong finally opened Instagram! What was Taeyong’s first post?

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Taeyong is the leader of NCT 127.

Taeyong is active not only in NCT but also as a member of SuperM.

Taeyong has finally opened Instagram!

This is the first video posted on NCT Taeyong’s Instagram.

It looks like a dance video taken at the time of “Highway to Heaven”, and the cool dance of Taeyong was wonderful video.

NCT127 Johnny, Jaehyun, and Yuta first opened Instagram, Doyoung opened in October 2020, and Mark opened Instagram in January 2021, and it became a hot topic.

Fans are delighted that Taeyong has finally opened an Instagram account!

Taeyong has posted a lot of photos on NCT’s official Instagram so far, so I’m wondering what kind of posts will be posted on his personal Instagram.

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Taeyong announced the opening of Instagram at V Live on February 18th.

Doyoung is following Taeyong’s Instagram right away, and you can feel their friendship!

Doyoung also appeared on Taeyong’s V Live this time, and it was full of highlights.

Please check out Taeyong’s Instagram posts in the future ♪