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Everyone is good at singing! ! NCT127’s live practice video of “Make Your Day” released! !

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NCT127 to make a comeback with repackage album on May 19.

Teaser videos are being released one after another.

The new song images for “Make Your Day” and “Nonstop” have also been released.

This time, I will introduce a live practice video of the new song “Make Your Day” of NCT127!

NCT 127 '너의 하루 (Make Your Day)' Live Practice

NCT 127 practicing “Meke Your Day” in the practice room.

Maybe they will sing at Beyond the Origin on May 17th.

Everyone was good at singing!

Doyoung’s rust was attractive.

It’s a singing voice that catches your heart!

Juongwoo’s treble was beautiful and I was fascinated just by listening to it.


NCT127 is good at not only dancing but also singing.

We look forward to Beyond the Origin on May 17th!

I want to listen to the new song “Punch” soon ♪