SHINee Taemin makes a comeback with new song “2 KIDS”! Also pay attention to the lyrics !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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SHINee, a shining five-person group.

SHINee Onew recently left the army and was celebrated by everyone.

This time I would like to introduce SHINee Taemin’s new song “2 KIDS”!

This is the MV for SHINee Taemin “2 KIDS” released on August 4.

Taemin has been very active in SHINee, SuperM and solo.

You could see Taemin in solo after a long time in “2 KIDS”.

In the MV, Taemin was dancing in the city, and I felt a bit of a sad atmosphere.

“We were just 2 kids too young and dumb Young, stupid, clumsy heart”

The climax phrase was impressive.

As Taemin said, it’s a song that you can listen to anytime.

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SHINee Taemin announced the new song “2 KIDS”.

Taemin is good at everything from vocals to dance and acting.

Check out the MV for “2 KIDS”♪