The co-starring of SHINee Taemin and TXT Taehyun has become a hot topic ! Taehyun’s dream has come true!

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) made a comeback with the new album “Blue Hour”.

Their musical-style performances are popular.

At the Music Bank broadcast on November 13, the co-starring of TXT Taehyun and SHINee Taemin has become a hot topic!

This is the Music Bank broadcast on November 13th.

MC Soobin and Taehyun interviewed Taemin who made a comeback with the new song “IDEA”.

Originally, Soobin and OHMYGIRL ARIN were MC, but Taehyun, a big fan of Taemin, also participated in the interview!

When Taemin made a comeback at the Music Bank before, Soobin handed over the TXT album.

This time, the comeback times of TXT and Taemin overlapped, and they were able to fulfill co-star.

Taehyun, who has been nervous was cute !

Taehyun, who asked Taemin to pinch his arm, saying, “It’s not a dream, isn’t it?” was also very interesting.

In addition, there was a surprise album exchange!

Taehyun didn’t think he would get the album from Taemin, so he was very happy .

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Taemin and Soobin looked enjoy when they saw Taehyun happy!

Please check the performance of TXT “Blue Hour” and Taemin “IDEA” ♪