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TXT Huening Kai has pink hair! His cute hair color change in MMA2021 is a hot topic!

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) belonging to HYBE.

In 2021, TXT made a comeback with “0X1 = LOVESONG” and “LOSER = LOVER”, and they are becoming more and more popular.

Today, TXT has appeared at Melon Music Awards 2021 (MMA2021) held on December 4th!

On the red carpet, TXT members wore black outfits.

Everyone had an outstanding style.

Huening Kai’s pink hair color attracted attention!

Huening Kai has challenged various hair colors so far.

The cute pink hair is the perfect hair color for Huening Kai, and MOA are happy for his hair color😆

Let’s check the performance of TXT that will be shown at MMA2021 ♪