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The hoodie that SuperM Taeyong wore was Baekhyun’s clothes! ? The friendship between two good friends is hot topic !!

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SuperM made a comeback with the new song “One (Monster & Infinity)”.

SuperM has recently appeared on programs all over the world.

They are also challenging acting and variety shows.

The good friendship between the members is also attracting attention.

This time, we will introduce a good friend episode between SuperM Taeyong and Baekhyun!

This is a video of V Live broadcast by SuperM Taeyong on October 2nd.

At V Live, there was a scene where Taeyong talked about Seiko Matsuda and called Doyoung.

The most talked about thing was the hoodie that Taeyong wore!

The hoodie that Taeyong wore was the same as the hoodie that Baekhyun wore in the photo posted on Instagram.

When Baekhyun was changing clothes, Taeyong asked, “Wow, if I’m Hyun (brother), I’ll give it to my younger brother.” and Baekhyun said, “Then wear this~” and gave Taeyong a hoodie!

It’s an episode that conveys Baekhyun’s kindness.

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Taeyong really loves Baekhyun and is famous for his favorite relationship.

Baekhyun also loves Taeyong like his younger brother.

Also pay attention to the good friendship between the two people in the future ♪