NCT127 Jaehyun turns into a boxer! ? His cat punch is too cute! !

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NCT127 will make a comeback with the new song “Punch” on May 19.

The teaser video of Punch has been released, raising expectations.

NCT127 has released the Late Night Punch Punch Show !

This is NCT127’s Late Night Punch Punch Show, which was released on YouTube on May 12.

Doyoung and Jungwoo were MC, and it was like an American TV show!

Guests included Mark ,Johnny and Jaehyun, while the other members were playing on musical instruments to liven up the show.

And Jaehyun, who appeared as a guest, was playing a boxer.

This is Jaehyun’s deadly cat punch!!

It was too fast to see.

I was surprised at the unexpected special skill.

After that, Doyoung also imitated Jaehyun and punched the cat.

Doyoung’s cat punch was also cute.

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NCT127’s Late Night Punch Punch Show is very interesting.

It was a program full of attractions.

Because it was episode 1 that was broadcast this time, there seems to be the next broadcast, too.

Please check it out♪