NCT Taeyong’s GUCCI fashion! Introducing the fashion Taeyong wore in “Make A Wish” !!

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Quote from:NCT twitter
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NCT U has released a new song “Make A Wish”.

As a new unit of NCT2020, future activities are attracting attention.

This time, I will introduce the fashion that NCT U Taeyong wore in the new song “Make A Wish”!


This is the fashion that NCT Taeyong wore in “Make A Wish”.

Taeyong wore GUCCI’s “GG print denim jacket”!

It was a jacket with a cute design with red and blue GUCCI marks on white.

And Taeyong’s wore a Cartier ring!

All of them were luxury brands, but Taeyong’s visuals are not defeated either.

Taeyong is cool because he can dress up in any fashion.

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In “Make A Wish”, Jaehyun also wore a fashionable jacket from GUCCI.

NCT U members wore a lot of accessories and everyone was in gorgeous fashion.

Please check out the fashions of other NCT members ♪

NCT Jaehyun's GUCCI fashion! Introducing the fashion that Jaehyun wore in "Make A Wish" !!
NCT2020 was back with a new album. The music video for the title song "Make A Wish" has also been released. ...