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BTS Jimin’s birthday ads are on the Dubai Mall! The world’s first huge advertisement is talked about !!

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October 13th is BTS Jimin’s birthday.

Because it is the birthday of BTS Jimin, who is very active globally, his birthday advertisements are set up all over the world.

Jimin’s birthday advertisement has been set up at Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the world!

This is Jimin’s birthday advertisement installed in Dubai Mall.

You can see Jimin’s video on the huge screen above the skating rink!

Jimin is the first artist in the world to birthday advertise (personal advertisement) at Dubai Mall.

The feeling that fans are celebrating Jimin is amazing!

Not only in Dubai, there are many buildings with Jimin ads!

It’s romantic and nice to be lit up.

It is a night view that Jimin fans will love.

In Korea, of course, Jimin’s birthday ads are everywhere.

There are many birthday advertisements in Shanghai, China, Japan, and Asia.

Furthermore, Jimin’s birthday advertisement in Boston was also a wonderful photo.

The scale is so big and Jimin is very popular !!

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You can see that Jimin is loved all over the world beyond Korea.

I think Jimin is happy to have many fans celebrate!

Happy Birthday Jimin 🎉