NCT127 Yuta’s chain tattoo is so cool! The encore concert is wonderful!


NCT127 Yuta is very popular all over the world.

NCT127 members, including Yuta, have been holding an encore concert “NEO CITY: SEOUL – THE LINK+” in South Korea since the 22nd.

Setlists have changed and is a hot topic among NCTzen.

In this encore concert, the new tattoo designed on Yuta’s arm caught the attention!

This is a photo of “NEO CITY : SEOUL – THE LINK+” posted on NCT127’s official Twitter.

It seems that SNSD Taeyeon and SHINee Minho came to watch.

In this encore concert, I was surprised to see a big change in the setlist.

There was also a new unit song, and it was full of highlights.

According to fans who visited the venue, Yuta had a new chain tattoo on his arm!

I still don’t know if it’s a real tattoo, but I’m curious about its meaning.

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The chain tattoo has meanings such as “eternal love” and “strong bond”!

In addition, Yuta’s tattoo had the Roman numeral “127” designed on the padlock.

Yuta’s feelings of thinking about NCT127 members are wonderful😭

Today’s performance on the 23rd will be streamed online, so don’t miss it♪