May 6th is NCT Haechan’s birthday! Introducing Haechan with a great variety sense! !

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Globally active NCT.

NCT U, NCT127, NCT DREAM, etc.

May 6th is NCT Haechan’s birthday!

Born May 6, 2000, Hechan is now 20 years old.

I’ve been active as an NCT for a long time, but Hechan is still young!

Speaking of Haechan, the unique singing voice is attractive.

You can listen to a lot of wonderful singing voices of Haechan as a vocal member in NCT127 and NCT DREAM.

Haechan is also good at dancing.

Haechan is very active in variety shows.

His talk is so good that we always laugh.

Haechan’s Ottoke song with Jaemin is a legend!

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NCT Haechan celebrates his 20th birthday on May 6th.

I’ve been very busy with NCT127 and NCT DREAM, but I hope he will continue to be careful about his health and work hard.

Happy Birthday Haechan! !