The lylics of NCT Mark’s solo song “Child” is wonderful! Impressed by Mark’s love for the fans!

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NCT Mark is popular all over the world.

Mark’s solo song “Child” was released on February 4th, and it has received a lot of attention from all over the world.

In “Child”, the lyrics are attracting attention!

This is the MV of NCT Mark “Child” posted on YouTube.

“Child” is the beginning of a project called NCT LAB, and it’s a song that many fans expected.

The concept of “Child” is different from the songs of NCT unit to which Mark belongs, and it is great song!

Mark’s vocal and rap could be listened to, and it was an wonderful gift for “Mark Friends” 😆

Mark participates in songwriting of “Child”, and Mark’s own thoughts are conveyed.

Anyone can sympathize with the lylics of “Child”.

In the Instagram Live by Mark, he said that “Child” is a gift for fans who support him!

I want to listen to Mark’s “Child” on the concert someday ♪