NCT Jaehyun presented a YSL bracelet on Mark’s birthday! Jaehyun’s words when giving a gift are cool!


Mark who is member of NCT 127, NCT DREAM, SuperM.

Mark is active in various groups and is a well-known member in NCT.

Today, August 2nd is the birthday of NCT Mark!

This is V Live by Mark on August 2nd today.

Mark sang “Happy Birthday to me ♪” and he is very cute 😆

The gift Mark got from Nature Republic was beautiful.

Mark said that he has had his birthday celebrated by NCT members.

The bracelet that Mark wore on his arm on this V Live was a birthday present from Jaehyun and was from Saint Laurent(YSL)!

Moreover, when Jaehyun gave Mark the bracelet, he said “I picked it up on the way” , and he is very cool 😆

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Mark was able to celebrate his birthday with his family for the first time in a long time!

Mark is always busy, so he seemed to be happy to spend time with his family.

Let’s check Mark’s future activities ♪