Jaehyun’s rap is amazing! NCT127 “Lemonade” track video released! The lyrics are cool!

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NCT127 is preparing for the comeback on September 17th.

The tracks included in the new album “STICKER” have been released in order and are attracting attention.

Today, September 10th, the track video of “Lemonade” was released!

This is the track video of “Lemonade” posted on NCT127’s official Twitter account.

Yesterday, the image teaser for “Lemonade” was released, and the dark and cool concept was talked about.

When you watch the track video of “Lemonade”, it had such an impact that it could be the title song.

Yuta said that he liked “Lemonade” at the live show the other day, and it was a really nice song.

First, Jaehyun whispered “Lemonade” , which was so cool.

NCTzen were excited about Jaehyun’s rap, who is usually in charge of vocals.

The lyrics are also very cool.

Their dance in the chorus was also impressive.

I’m looking forward to the title song “STICKER” ♪