What did NCT127 Haechan get from his member as a birthday present?


Group NCT 127, whose popularity is rapidly rising.

They are working on the new song “Punch”.

Haechan’s birthday is on June 6th.

NCT members have sent birthday gifts to Haechan!


Mark sent an iPhone, Taeyeon sent an iPad, Doyoung sent a Burberry wallet, Jungwoo sent a bucket hat, Johnny sent Balenciaga shoes, and Jaehyun sent slippers.

Everyone gave a present to Haechan!

I felt the members’ love for Haechan.

By the way, it’s all luxurious gifts like Burberry and Balenciaga.

It seems that Doyoung also made stir-fried pork!

I’m jealous of Haechan to have Doyoung serve food.

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NCT Haechan who celebrated his birthday with all the members.

I hope Haechan will continue to be careful about his health.

Happy birthday Haechan!