Pay attention to NCT2020 members who are kind to Shotaro! They supported Shotaro in Japanese !!

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Shotaro and Sungchan join NCT2020 as new members.

Shotaro and Sungchan greeted the fans for the first time on V Live broadcast on September 23rd.

Introducing the kind members who support Shotaro, a new member of NCT2020!

Both Shotaro and Sungchan were a little nervous about the greetings at V Live for the first time.

The members of NCT2020 were kind to these two new members.

They were cheering for Shotaro in Japanese!

Not only Yuta, but also Doyoung, Taeyong, and Lucas, it was impressive to see everyone cheering for Shotaro using Japanese.

Surrounded by gentle members, Shotaro seemed to be relieved of tension in the latter half of V Live.

A new team for NCT2020 has also been decided, so I’m looking forward to the relationship between Shotaro, Sungchan and other members!

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At NCT2020, not only Shotaro and Sungchan, but also many WayV members participated for the first time.

It’s fun to see the relationship of the members who haven’t had much interaction until now!

We are paying attention to the future activities of NCT2020 ♪