NCT127 Yuta has become blonde hair! Will a new activity start?


Yuta, a Japanese member who is active in NCT.

Recently, Yuta was active in “From Home” and “Work It” of NCT2020.

Yuta dyed his hair to black while working on “Work It”, and he has become a hot topic again because he has become blonde!

Yuta has tried various hair colors so far.

When Yuta was active in NCT127 “Kick It”, he was blonde, and Jungwoo called him a lion.

After that, Yuta became orange and blue hair, and it was said that he was cool like an anime character.

And, Yuta became black hair to blonde hair again, many popular voices have been received from fans.

Yuta changed his hair color, so it may be a signal to start a new activity.

Maybe it’s a hair color change for NCT127’s new song “LOVE HOLIC”.

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Yuta, Doyoung, Jungwoo, and Taeil participated in the V Live broadcast on January 12th.

There was also a story behind the catering car for Jaehyun’s drama shooting, and a topic about the new Japanese song “LOVE HOLIC”.

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