NCT127 Mark replies to comments from fans! Lovely reply is a topic !!

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NCT 127 has exceeded 100 million MV views on “Cherry Bomb”.

NCT127 is gaining popularity recently.

Such NCT127 Mark has become a hot topic after making a loving reply to comments from fans!

Mark responded to the fans’ comments with the tweet of “mark lee in the houseeee everyone Kamon”.

Fans posted a lot of interesting videos!

There were lots of funny faces, Mark’s childhood photos, and Jaehyun’s cute moments.

It was fun to reply to American like Mark.

The most talked about thing was that Mark answered “You” to the fan’s question “me or watermelon?”!

This mark is loved by watermelons, but Mark who chose fans over watermelons is more caring.

I think the fans who respond to Mark feel great.

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NCT 127 is a topic of conversation with fans on SNS.

This time, Mark talked to his fans.

I’d like MARK to continue to show us many things!

Please check it out!