What is the punching power of NCT127? As a result of Yuta, the members lol! !


NCT 127 is attracting attention for its manly performance.

Powerful dance has become a hot topic in the new song “Punch”.

Such NCT127 has appeared in Weekly Idol.

Introducing the results of punch force measurement at Weekly Idol!

NCT 127 is a manly punch.

Above all, Yuta was enthusiastic about the performance before punching.

Yuta’s worrisome result was the lowest!

It’s too interesting to be at the bottom even though he’s been so tense.

As a result of cute Yuta, the members were flooded with the voice of “Cute”.

You were screaming “Yuta-Yuta-” from Jungwoo .

Mark hugging Yuta was also cute.

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Weekly idol of NCT127 full of highlights.

Yuta did a great job this time.

Please check it out!