Yuta is jealous of Jungwoo! ? The triangular relationship around the NCT127 Mark is too interesting! !

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The new song “Punch” is a big hit NCT 127.

The comeback activities are going well.

Such NCT127 has appeared in Weekly Idol!

Introducing the triangular relationship between Yuta and Jung Woo around Mark!

[Weekly Idol] 127says 그 이후, 엇갈린 시그널과 삼각관계 l EP.462

It was the last weekly idol.

Mark who chose Jungwoo as the member who he wants to meet the most when he is depressed.

After that, Yuta, who chose Mark as a dear member, seemed to be jealous of Jungwoo .

Yuta really likes Mark.

According to the questioned Mark, Jungwoo was a friend and Yuta was like Oppa.

I was surprised at the mark that Yuta was Oppa, not Hyung, but when I look at the situation I see, Yuta’s love for Mark is unbelievable.

Jaehyun’s view of the triangular relationship was also interesting.

The other members were laughing!

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NCT 127 has a great variety sense.

The triangular relationship between Yuta, Jungwoo and Mark is also a highlight!

Please check it out!