NCIT official merchandise are cute! Hoodie, mug, deco sticker, eco bag, and so on!


NCT 127 made a comeback with the new album “STICKER”.

The NCIT event was held for the release of the album, and the concept of college students was cute.

The hoodie worn by NCT127 members was talked about as cute among fans.

NCIT official merchandise are a hot topic!

These are the NCIT merchandise “NCT 127 –NEO CULTURE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY” posted on NCT 127’s official Twitter account.

The hoodie that everyone wore at NCIT is so cute!

The mug with “NCIT” designed was also wonderful.

The deco sticker that Haechan put on his computer were also colorful and cute.

Eco-bag is merchandise that you can use every day, and its simple design is stylish.

Postcard and photo are very cool, and I want them all 😆

Let’s check the details ♪