The moving lyrics of NCT 127 “Promise You” are a hot topic! The lyrics for the fans are wonderful!


NCT 127 made a comeback with the new album “STICKER”.

The MV for the title song “STICKER” has been released, and the number of views is increasing.

All songs included in the “STICKER” album have been released, and the lyrics of “Promise You” have become a hot topic!

NCT 127 '다시 만나는 날 (Promise You)' (Official Audio) | Sticker – The 3rd Album

This is NCT 127 “Promise You” posted on YouTube.

Actually, “Promise You” was played at the ending of the NCIT video released last time.

At the press conference, NCT127 members also said that they liked the lyrics of “Promise You” and that they were impressed.

The happy melody and the positive lyrics matched well, and it was a wonderful fan song.

The lyrics say that the current situation of fans and NCT 127, and when you listen to them, tears come out 😭

If you listen to “Promise You” live someday, you will be even more impressed!

Let’s listen to “Promise You” ♪