Let’s meet soon in KWANGYA !? NCT Mark’s last comment is a hot topic! SM Congress 2021

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SM Entertainment to which BOA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, EXO, SHINee, RedVelvet, NCT, aespa, etc. belong.

It’s a famous agency as one of the three major entertainment agencies in Korea.

The plan for 2021 of SM Entertainment artists has been announced!

Here is a video of SM Congress 2021 released on YouTube today, June 29th.

Lee Soo-man, aespa, and NCT members were talking about their future plans.

NCT announced the comeback activities of NCT 127 and Way V, and the activities of NCT2021 and NCT U.

In addition, fans were paying attention to Mark’s last comment!

Mark said, “Let’s meet soon in KWANGYA ,” and it seems that something important is included.

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KWANGYA is a word that has appeared in the lyrics of aespa “Next Level”, NCT U “90’s Love”, EXO “Don’t fight the feeling”, NCT DREAM “Hello Future”.

It seems to indicate a place, but I don’t know exactly yet, and it’s a place that fans are interested in.

Maybe KWANGYA will be revealed in future activities in 2021!

Please check out the future activities of SM entertainment artists ♪