NCT2020 Shotaro’s freestyle dance is amazing! Dance to the beatbox of Taeil !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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Shotaro, a new member of NCT2020.

Joining Japanese members since Yuta has become a hot topic.

This time we will introduce the freestyle dance of NCT2020 Shotaro!

This is the NCT2020 Shotaro dance posted on YouTube.

In the MC of Haechan and Taeil, new members Shotaro and Sungchan were introduced.

As a special skill of Shotaro, freestyle dance was performed!

Shotaro, who danced to the beatbox of Taeil, was cool.

Winwin, Chenle, and Xiaojun were also impressed by Shotaro’s dance.

Shotaro’s dance was a high quality dance!

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Shotaro will participate in the title song “Make A Wish” at NCT2020.

It’s a hip-hop dance song, so I’m looking forward to the performance.

Please pay attention to the future activities of Shotaro and Sungchan ♪