Impressed by Doyoung, who is kind to NCT2020 Shotaro! Introducing members in Japanese !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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Shotaro who joined NCT2020 as a new member.

Shotaro is attracting attention as a Japanese member following Yuta.

Introducing Doyoung’s gentle behavior toward Shotaro!

This is a behind-the-scenes video of “NCT 2020 Year Party” released on YouTube.

A total of 23 NCT2020 members were filmed.

The new members, SungChan and Shotaro, were the focus of attention.

Doyoung introduced the members to Shotaro in Japanese!

Doyoung said to Shotaro “He’s a friend, (Kun) is an older brother. He is Kun,” to help Shotaro become familiar with the members.

Haechan also uses Japanese, and he cares for Shotaro.

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Doyoung and Shotaro will work in the same unit on NCT U “Make A Wish”.

The MV teaser video has been released, and expectations are rising!

Please check it out ♪