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In NCT “BOSS”, Sungchan took the place of Taeyong and became a hot topic! Beyond LIVE ♪

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NCT 2020 formed by NCT 127, NCT DREAM, WayV, new members Sungchan and Shotaro.

The total sales of the album released by NCT in 2020 has exceeded 5 million and has become a hot topic.

On December 27th, NCT2020 held Beyond LIVE “RESONANCE’Global Wave'”!

Beyond LIVE for the first time as NCT2020, there were lots of gorgeous stages.

New members Sungchan and Shotaro interacted with the fans at their first Beyond LIVE.

Taeyong, who is the leader at NCT2020, unfortunately did not participate because of the recurrence of herniated disc.

Attention was focused on who would perform Taeyong’s part instead.

Sungchan in “BOSS”, Shotaro in “The 7th Sense”, and Jeno in “Make A Wish” took the place of Taeyong.

Everyone was showing cool performances, and among them, “BOSS” that Sungchan showed was a hot topic.

There were many fans who said “Sungchan looked like Taeyong” , and it was a highly complete performance!

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Beyond LIVE performed by NCT attracted attention, and the number of posts with the hashtag “#NCT2020_Beyond_LIVE” exceeded 1 million on Twitter.

There are so many posts that you can see how popular NCT is!

We also support the success of NCT in 2021 ♪