NCT Shotaro and Taeyong had a bowling date! ? Their cute private life is a hot topic!


Shotaro, a Japanese member who is active in NCT.

Shotaro participated in NCT2021 “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)”, and his excellent dance performance attracted attention.

On January 21st, on Shotaro’s Instagram, photos and videos with Taeyong were posted !

These are photos and videos posted on NCT Shotaro’s Instagram.

Shotaro commented ” A date with hyung ㅎㅎㅎ “.

In response, Taeyong replied, “It was a very fun time.”

It seems that Shotaro enjoyed a bowling date with Taeyong, and I felt that the two are on good terms.

Not only the photos, but also the videos of Taeyong and Shotaro bowling were posted.

Both of them got strike and their bowling ability was amazing!

Taeyong and Shotaro co-starred in NCT 2020 “Make A Wish”.

I would like to see Taeyong and Shotaro working in the same NCT unit again♪