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Jaehyun’s cute hairstyle is popular! NCT127 Lunch Party V Live! !

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NCT 127 is popular for its close relationships like family members.

Such NCT127 broadcast V-lives of eating lunch in the dormitory!

It was a precious V-live, as if you were watching NCT127’s private life.

This time, I will introduce Jaehyun’s hairstyle at V Live!

Jaehyun wore a hair band at this V-live!

Jaehyun used to wear a hair band on YouTube.

The voice of “cute!” was flooding from all over the world to see Jaehyun’s hair band again.

It was also cute to see him eating lunch.

Jaehyun was laughing happily this time!

It was a V-live that looked happy and was soothing to watch.

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Always fun V live of NCT127.

When you look at NCT127 members like family, you feel happy!

Please check it out!