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Younger than Jisung! ? What is Seunghan’s age? SM Rookies are a hot topic!

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SM Entertainment to which many popular artists such as BOA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, SuperJunior, SHINee, EXO, RedVelvet, NCT, and aespa belong.

SMTOWN concert is scheduled to be held in August, and it is attracting attention from all over the world.

Today, July 2nd, the photos of three SM Rookies, Shohei, Seunghan, and Eunseok, have been released!

SMROOKIES shared a post on Instagram: "SEUNGHAN #승한 #SEUNGHAN #SMROOKIES #SR22B". Follow their account to see 132 posts.

These are photos of Seunghan posted on the official Instagram of SM Rookies.

Seunghan wore three different costumes.

The white outfits, colorful shirt, yellow jacket, etc. were all wonderful, and Seunghan’s style was outstanding.

Seunghan’s handsome looks are popular!

About Seunghan’s age, he was born in 2003, and if Seunghan joins NCT, he will be younger than Ji Sung and become a maknae!

Depending on Seunghan’s future activities, NCT member younger than Ji Sung will be finally appeared.

Also, Seunghan seems to have good dance and vocal skills.

Let’s check out Shohei and Eunseok with Seunghan will do in the future ♪